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The Software Citation Project

Led by Sarthak Sehgal

As a research software engineer, I would like to develop open software that can be cited just like research papers. I would like to submit a software citation to a publication using existing open software tools, in order to make my software citable and trackable to funders and reusable by other researchers.

Led by Sarthak Sehgal


Despite doing valuable research, research software engineers (RSEs) do not benefit as much from the current research metric system which highly values citations. This is because researchers using open datasets/software/packages are sometimes not aware of the relevant citation practices, or have no access to clear mechanisms to cite software. There is a lack of awareness and appropriate tools which provide citability and desired recognition for software. The Software Citation Project aims to bridge this gap and create a platform to enable RSEs to publish their software by attaching a DOI and a CITATION.cff file with rich meta-data. I believe that providing a seamless experience to the users, along with relevant information highlighting the importance of citability, is a good first step towards better research practices. 

Work at the Sprint

Primarily, I would like to focus on meeting potential users to try out the beta platform, understanding their needs and getting critical feedback. On the technical front, the project could serve the needs of a larger audience using more diverse tools. Extending support from Zenodo and GitHub to include more services such as Zotero, GitLab and BitBucket for the next release is a major goal as well.

I am looking for…

Potential users (RSEs, or any researchers who write code/software) to interact with and get feedback from. Software developers working with JavaScript to work on the web portal as mentioned earlier would also be very helpful, as well as UX/UI designers to help conduct user testing on the web portal’s design and understand user psychology to provide a better experience.