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Led by Cassio Amorim

I hope to create a website that allows users to easily share and view any information they and the community have on the reproducibility of papers. 

Led by Cassio Amorim


I created the website SciGen.Report to provide a platform to easily share and view any information that researchers may have on the reproducibility of papers.

Information about the reproducibility of papers is scarce in most research fields, due to the difficulty in publishing negative or partial results. Consequently, while graduate school students do perform at least partial replication of works as part of their studies, individual reproducibility information is lost and unavailable. It may take a considerable time for people to be able to discuss the reproducibility of a given paper, usually through discussions in workshops and conferences. This scenario leaves people from other fields alienated to the research status and credibility of a given work, which also leads to serious obstacles to research. 

SciGen.Report’s simplicity reduces barriers for every user, from students to long-career researchers – I hope that a diverse range of users may engage and contribute to the common body of knowledge. Only one submission limited in size is allowed per user, as a way to reduce potential abuses and to keep objectivity. The core principles of this project are diversity, integrity and transparency, and these should sustain every provided functionality and every decision regarding future implementations.

Work at the Sprint

I hope to design a more intuitive interface with little friction, and where researchers, from students to long-career researchers, may feel at ease with posting their own submission. I also hope to understand what could motivate users to contribute their own knowledge to such a platform. Currently, a link to a submitted comment is made available and can be used for references and citations, but I believe more work needs to be done. 

I am looking for…

Contributors with knowledge of UX, UI, design and marketing. Also, people with different backgrounds could help us to share a broader understanding of the role played by reproducibility, whether with positive or negative results. Contributors with knowledge on PHP, CSS, HTML and Javascript may provide technical advice too.